Steph Cottam has recently been exploring the special collection* CMJ has held at Bodleian Library in Oxford. After this week’s reading, she shares an exciting story:

So I was talking to one of the Curators at Bodleian Library who showed me the vast collection of manuscripts CMJ has. As we walked to the vault, he told me about the "Light of the World" painting by William Holman Hunt, hanging in the Keble College Chapel we just walked past.

Later, as I read through the manuscripts relating to the work of CMJ in 1938, I came across an account of a Jewish lady who was in one of the CMJ medical missions for radiological treatment. She asked the nurse about a painting opposite her bed which she couldn’t take her eyes off….. yep! It was a copy of the "Light of the World" painting by William Holman Hunt!!! She became a Believer in Jesus after hearing the background to Hunt’s artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!

*CMJ has a collection of manuscripts relating to the work and ministry of CMJ dating back to the 1800s when we first started. This collection is open to who is conducting research of a relevant nature, such as theology, history, anthropology etc… Please contact CMJ Head Office if you would like to use the CMJ special collection for private study.

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