By Shoshanah Crookes

Travelling to see my Dad in Australia for a period of 3 months – which led to 4 – was an exciting prospect to me. Having only met him for the first time in 2005, we had to make up for time lost. Spending time with my earthly father was one thing, but for the duration of my visit, I needed to find a church to worship my heavenly Father with other believers.

A short walk away was Son City Church, and over the months, I became part of their family. But something was missing. Hardly any mention of Israel or the Jewish people and no prayers were forthcoming either. I decided it was up to me to change that!

At Christmas I gave a well-loved book I had taken with me to the Pastor, wrapping it beautifully with a note saying I believed it would bless him. The book was ‘Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus’ by Lois Tverberg. Pastor Jon was really touched, and then I asked if I could write an article for the church magazine. He agreed and ‘Come – Follow Me to Magdala’ went out the following week. I had recently volunteered at Beit Bracha for 6 months in Galilee and Magdala was within walking distance of the guest house. I had such a positive response from people in the congregation that I wrote another, this time ‘Come – Follow Me to the Cross’. Suddenly people were asking me about Israel!

On my last Sunday with them, they asked me to go forward as they wanted to pray for me. Again Israel was mentioned, and after the prayer, I asked for the microphone and said my one hope on leaving them was that they would pray for Israel, its security, its people and its border. I think they will, and I always have to think, it’s a good excuse to return!

Shoshanah Crookes

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