Paul and Janey took The Bible Comes to Life over to Enniskillen in Ireland.

We couldn’t have dreamed up a better opportunity for publicity when Leo (our rough, tough Roman centurion) realised that he’d forgotten his sandals! In no time at all he was whisked up to the local shoe shop - in full centurion outfit - to be fitted with the perfect pair. But not before the local press got hold of the story and ran the hilarious article that night!
We had a superbly blessed time and the Irish hospitality is all and more that we dreamed of!

Here’s a few words from guest blogger Suky Bright about the trip!

The preparation begun in November 2017 for the Bible Comes to Life exhibition, planned for March 2018, was meticulous! It was immediately obvious that it was one of those ‘pull-out-all-the-stops’ events. The Very Rev. Kenneth R. J. Hall (Dean of Clogher) affectionately known to everyone as Kenny delegated with liberality the myriad jobs that were needed in order to bring this major evangelistic event to Life.

We prepared here in Leicester by making themed costumes for men, women and children which could be worn by anyone wanting an excuse to dress up! Beautiful antique garments and artefacts were prepared and repaired ready to be put on display.

But as much as we prepared in practical and spiritual terms, nothing readied us for the amazing warmth, welcome and love we received from these amazing Irish people!
We were fed and watered to within an inch of our lives! Immediately we set foot in the Cathedral Centre we sensed that we had just met members of our family of faith.

The first two days were dedicated to speaking to over 1200 children and their teachers; an amazing opportunity to explain the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith and of course our focus - The Lord Jesus Christ. The children could experience blowing the shofar, donning a kippur, prayer shawl and phlacteries; sitting in a Bedouin tent for a talk about life in the desert (Bear Grylls - eat your heart out!) or to stare open-mouthed at the fabulous 2nd Temple model complete with lights and smoking altar.
In the late afternoons and evenings we invited the general public to view the exhibition in which we had some remarkable conversations.

Guests were also treated to several bible character talks: Mary, the mother of Jesus, desperately searching for her ‘lost’ son after their trip to Jerusalem at passover; Simeon and Anna so excited they almost fell over each other in excitement because Messiah was born; the woman who witnessed Jesus perform a miracle by turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana and then our Longinus, the hardened roman soldier who recognised his messiah on the cross. All the talks were themed to compliment the 6 stations that made up the exhibition.

Rev. Kenny’s remarkable leadership skill fuelled by his passion to reach his community was very evident. He is much loved, not only among his Cathedral staff and colleagues but cherished and respected by the close, loving community that is Enniskillen.

For both Graham and me it was an absolute joy and privilege to serve the Lord together with our family of faith In Enniskillen and the rest of the BCTL team. We treasure the wonderful five days we worked together to bring the gospel to adults and children alike.

Psalm 133 declares “Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity…for there the Lord commands the blessing, life forevermore “.

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Bible Comes to Life
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