The message hidden in a mannequin - who would have thought it? Only someone with a passion and an eye to seize every moment for the Gospel. Read more about what Janey accomplished when shopping recently.

I felt compelled to go into BHS to check out the heavily discounted ladies clothes (being a good Proverbs 31 woman and all that!) when I saw a notice saying that the shop fixtures and fittings were also for sale - it occurred to me that a couple of extra mannequins and some clothes rails for our BCTL garment collection would be a good idea!

The female assistant, I’ll call her Jill, asked me what my business was and I told her that I was buying these things for a Christian organisation and part of our work was education – in this case, teaching the important Hebraic roots of our Christian faith. She was fascinated and wanted to know more so I told her about our beautiful Bethlehem wedding headdress with the dowry attached to it and how the dowry – the rows of coins – represented the great value her father had placed on her. She loved the idea of this outward display of fatherly love!

I asked Jill if she knew the biblical parable of the lost coin but she wasn’t familiar with it and there, in BHS I told her the story of how the woman who had lost the coin wouldn’t stop searching for it day or night and when she eventually found it she invited all her friends to celebrate the joyful occasion! You could almost think – so what! – she lost a coin, what’s the big deal?

The big deal, I said, is that the point of a parable was to point to a higher spiritual parallel and that the lost coin represented each and every person who was ‘lost’ or out of relationship with God but when they’re found by the searcher – Jesus the Messiah – we then become restored into relationship with God and all heaven has a celebration party!

Jill had pools of tears in her eyes – it was so obvious that the powerful message of love conveyed in the parable sank into her soul. Please pray that Jill will be completely restored to her heavenly father as all heaven celebrates!

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