At the AGM on Saturday 23rd July, there will be an election for Trustees to serve on the CMJ UK Council. Members may apply before 4:30pm on Thursday 9th July. We are particularly looking for a new treasurer, if this is something you are able to do.

CMJ is overseen by a group of 10 elected Trustees, who meet a minimum of three times a year to decide on the direction and vision of the work of CMJ UK. The candidates are nominated from the membership of CMJ and are elected during the Annual General Meeting.

Please Note: Only members of the society are permitted to stand as Trustees and only members are permitted to vote.

Membership of the society is defined in the Rules of the Society as: (a) Those who have paid directly to headquarters in the UK during the January to December period preceding the AGM such sum to the General Funds of the Society as the Council may from time to time decide and (b) Who in the year preceding the AGM, and currently at the time of the AGM, are subscribers to the Society’s Prayer Bulletin and (c) Have signed a paper stating: “I certify that I regularly support the Society’s work through prayer and giving and that I am in full agreement with the Objects of the Society”

If you are interested in joining the CMJ Trustees in service to CMJ UK, please email for a nomination form.

If you are interested in the Treasurer’s role, please email for details of what is required / expected from the CMJ Treasurer.

Closing date for applications is: 4:30pm on Thursday 9th June, 2016

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