On Saturday 5th September, CMJ UK Joined AOG Church leaders at their second Israel Forum in Oxford. Wayne Hilsden from King of Kings Church, Jerusalem, had been invited to address the forum.

CMJ UK’s youth coordinator, Steph Cottam, has been involved in some of the background work being undertaken by a steering group of Assemblies of God (AOG) Church Leaders, having been invite to attend and help the first Israel Forum by her Church Leader (and brother).

It was a huge honour for us to have been involved in the second Israel Forum, on Saturday, which saw AOG leaders coming together to explore their role in supporting Israel and, in particular, Messianic Congregations.

Following our meeting with AOG Director of Missions, Gary Rucci last week, to have the chance to spend time with him and other church leaders was a great opportunity, and we thank God for the relationship He is building between us and AOG.

Wayne Hilsden, Director of Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM, with which CMJ has recently become involved with) and leader of King of Kings Church in Jerusalem, spoke to the leaders about the work God is doing in Israel, the way in which leaders here can be involved in supporting the growing Messianic Fellowships across Israel. He shared His vision for FIRM and stirred excitement with his desire to see young people from across the world coming together to celebrate God, "as one new man" in Jesus. It was amazing to see the video highlights of this year’s conference which saw a thousand young adults from all over the world, Jews, Gentiles and Muslim background believers all worshiping the One True God together.

We look forward to seeing how the AOG Israel Forum develops over time, and to see now God will use CMJ in the future development of the work between AOG Church leaders and Messianic congregations in Israel. May God be glorified in every detail, and may more and more leaders across the UK catch the heart of God for His people in these days.

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