We have been fighting anti-Semitism for over 200 years, and will continue to do so. In response to today’s news following the suspension of a second Labour Party member, CEO of CMJ UK, Alex Jacob has issued this statement on behalf of CMJ.

Clearly there is a difference between criticism of the philosophy of Zionism or the actions of Israel as a Nation State and anti-Semitism. Where one draws the line is often to do with inner motivation of the one speaking, as well as the wider political, personal and religious context of those hearing.

In discerning these things one enters the complex world of censorship, freedom of speech and social cohesion. However, I am convinced that the pronouncements of the two current Labour party members have rightly been judged by the Labour party leadership as anti-Semitic, hence the current suspension of those two people. A full enquiry will take place and I, and many other Labour party members, will read the conclusion of the enquiry with great interest and care.

On the broader issue what must be stated with great clarity and conviction is that there can be no place whatsoever for anti-Semitism within any sphere of life.

Regardless of our political leanings, cultural values or religious convictions, anti-Semitism must be resolutely opposed and uprooted. Anti-Semitism is a form of racism which has its roots deep in the denial of a person’s common humanity and a denial of the purposes of God.

I rejoice that CMJ has been at the forefront of opposing anti-Semitism for over 200 years and we will endeavour to continue to be so.

Posted by Phil Bowell on .