On May 10th, Alex Jacob, CEO of CMJ UK was invited to present a lecture at the Caspari Centre in Jerusalem. Here is a brief report about that occasion.

Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies is an evangelical resource and education center for training, discipleship, and academic research and study, where Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians work together to strengthen and support the movement of Jewish believers in Jesus in the midst of the universal church.

Alex writes: “As some may know I was able to present a lecture at the Caspari Centre in Jerusalem on the 10th May. This lecture which dealt with – “Replacing Replacement Theology” will shortly be available to listen to via audio download. Please visit the Caspari Centre website for details.

“Also the book The Case for Enlargement Theology which, is frequently referenced in this lecture, is available to purchase now from the CMJ website.

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