As she recovers following her operation, Jacki Turnbull writes a touching tribute to Bishop John Taylor, whose funeral and thanksgiving service is being held this 2pm afternoon at St Albans Abbey.

A regular attender at the CMJ Conferences allowed the CMJ staff to spend time relaxing and getting to know our Patron, Bishop John Taylor, and his wife Linda.

CONFESSION IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL. So they say! And here’s mine! Before I came to CMJ I was reasonably intolerant of anything Anglican. I’d never met a bishop who wasn’t wishy-washy and compromising.

But then my world was turned upside down when I met Bishop John B Taylor. At the time he was our President (he later became our Patron) and I found him to be the most godly, genuine man! I liked him instantly. He and his wife Linda came to conference and I watched as they worked together, loving people. They were (Linda still is!) amazing!

As I read Bishop John’s obituary in the Telegraph, I didn’t recognise him. The man I knew was gentle, godly and loving. As is Linda, his wife.

Today there will be probably very few dry eyes at St Albans cathedral. Predictions have said that there may be more than 800 people at Bishop John’s funeral. Had I been in better health I would have surely gone! However instead I thought I’d write this brief piece for our website. It comes with love and respect for a man who lived and died so well.

Enjoy your reward Bishop John. You will be missed.

A second tribute, written by Jim Melnick of LCJE is also available to read by clicking here.

NB: Please pray for the family as they prepare to receive guests at the thanksgiving service of Bishop John Taylor. May they also have time to say goodbye and grieve.

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