CMJ UK is in full support of Anne Graham-Lotz’s emergency call to pray for Jerusalem on Tuesday 1st September, 2015.

CMJ UK is backing the call made by Anne Graham-Lotz for an emergency recall to pray for Jerusalem on Tuesday 1st September, 2015. Anne, the daughter of Billy Graham, says: God has impressed on my heart to help “pre-prayer” Jerusalem for whatever He knows is coming. I am seeking to rally His people with 9 1 1: An Emergency Recall to Pray for Jerusalem.

On Tuesday, Anne will post a prayer guideline she has written to her website so that we will all be “on the same page, praying with one heart and mind.”
Anne continues, The purpose of our prayer is four-fold: • For God to pour out His Spirit of grace and supplication on Jerusalem • For God to open her eyes to recognize her Messiah…Yeshua…Jesus • For God to break her heart for her sin and rejection of Him • For God to save her spiritually and physically as she cries out to Him… and for Him to grant her permanent peace.

To read Anne’s call, please click this link to her post.

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