On Wednesday 13th April, we were joined by Rabbi Moshe Perez from Nottingham Hebrew Congregation (Orthodox), who spoke to us on the destruction of the Temple and its impact on the Jewish people today. It was a fascinating lecture.

At CMJ UK, we were honoured to have our special guest, Rabbi Moshe Perez from Nottingham Hebrew Congregation (Orthodox) Synagogue. He spoke to us about the impact of the Temple destruction on Jewish people today.

Here are few quotes which were tweeted
during the Rabbi’s talk:

“The Temple is within us. The Spirit of God is within us. Wherever we stand and connect with the Almighty, this is our Temple. It could be a garden, it could be a special place, but whenever it allows us to connect with Almighty, we are in our Temple.”

“Everything about us as Jewish people is HOPE… In our houses, we leave one wall unpainted. It doesn’t look pretty, but it serves as a reminder of the destruction of the Temple, and the hope for Messiah who will one day come. We hope that one day the Temple will be re-established. We hope that one day, we will settle.”

The Temple is within us. The Spirit of God is within us.

“Throughout the journey of Jewish history we have faced the challenge of evil which wants to destroy good… But the compassion of God is for His creation. He can’t close His eyes to His creation, although He might have closed one eye against us… We are precious to Him, He still has one eye open.”

“68 years since the state of Israel, and we have accomplished so much as a people, in spite of the attempts to destroy us.”

“I go to Gaza. I know people from Gaza who go to #Israel. We’re not fighters, we’re pro-peace.”

The lecture was recorded, so if you would like to hear this fascinating insight from the Rabbi’s perspective on how Jewish people live today without the existence of the Temple in Jerusalem, call the office on 01623 883960 to order your copy on CD.

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