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  • Internship with CMJ Team

    Raising the next generation of leaders is an important aspect of what we do at CMJ, so it is with much excitement we want to share the news of a possible Internship Programme, giving you the opportunity to shadow the CMJ Team and learn about the many roles required for mission & evangelism.

  • Question About the Old Testament

    One of the good things about working with young people, is the questions they have! This morning, Steph received a message from one of the YP we have connected with: “When you read the Old Testament, what sort of things do you keep in mind?”

  • Guest Post: Christchurch, Jerusalem, foundation laid #otdimj 10th February 1840

    On February 10th, 1840, Christ Church, Jerusalem was commenced on the old foundation of a high wall built on the solid rock of Zion, and by the end of March the building was raised to the first story. Shortly afterward, the work was interrupted by the death of Mr. Hillier…. Find out what happened next by clicking here

  • How Do We Know God Loves Israel?

    In this month’s guest blog, with thoughts turning to love as Valentine’s Day approaches, Bobbie Ann Cole takes a look at how we know that God loves Israel.


    CMJ Israel is looking for an experienced leader who is both a skilled communicator and manager, to take up the position of Director of CMJ Israel from October 2016.

  • Jewish boy’s narrow escape from the Nazis

    The moving story of how a Sheffield family took child refugees into their home, saving them from Auschwitz