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  • Everything is broken – BUT

    On Saturday 14th November, Steph Cottam and Jacki Turnbull attended the Premier Digital Conference at The Brewery, in London. Here is Jacki’s overview of the day.

  • Colin Nevin - Health Update

    At 4am this morning, Colin sent an update to us, asking for our prayers for his ongoing struggle with Amyloidosis.

  • #CharityTuesday - Rosemary Saunders

    A rouge attitude in her heart, was challenged by the Lord as soon as she spoke it out; but as God revealed His love for His people it led to our Vice Chair, Rosemary Saunders, finding a deep-felt love for the people she once dismissed, in this week’s #CharityTuesday reflection.

  • Kelvin Crombie at the House of Lords

    Kelvin Crombie speaks in the historic River Room at the House of Lords

  • #tbt - Prisoner of Jesus Christ

    CMJ’s Vice President, Canon Andrew White is well known for his ministry as "The Vicar of Baghdad". CMJ began our missionin Baghdad back in the 19th Century, with one of our early missionaries being Aaron Stern. Find out more about the Prisoner of Jesus this #ThrowbackThursday

  • When The Penny Drops

    Our outreach team may not share too much about the work they are doing, but they value our prayers as God opens people up to receiving His love. Here we are excited to share one young woman’s revelation as she studies the Scriptures.

  • CMJ Outreach at: Mind Body Soul

    Over the weekend of 23rd - 25th October, CMJ joined the Jesus Experience Team at Alexandria Place for the Autumn New Age Festival, Mind Body Soul. This is one of our best opportunities to share the Gospel with people seeking spiritual truth.

  • CMJ President at Christ Church, Jerusalem

    Had you been at Christ Church, Jerusalem, on All Saints Day, you would have been honoured to have seen a special guest among the congregation.

  • #CharityTuesday - Martin Kuhrt

    This week, the second of our newest Trustees reflects on how God led him to an understanding of His love for the Jewish people, and the role he has in sharing the Biblical truth