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  • #tbt - Helping Jewish Children in 1809

    Every Thursday, social media is alive with memories and historical accounts as people reflect back on their personal pasts, or more long term.

    It is fascinating the wealth of history available to CMJ through our archives and records, that we thought we would share some of our past successes and challenges. So grab a drink and enjoy this week’s #tbt

  • Janey's Sabbatical - Part Deux

    In her second blog post, Janey shares about her recent ‘almost’ visit to Rosh Pina - One of the oldest moshavot (rural village) in Israel, as she continues her sabbatical …

  • CharityTuesday - Ralph Goldenberg

    Let us introduce you to one of our Trustees, Ralph Goldenberg. As a Jewish Believer in Jesus, Ralph is passionate about the ministry of CMJ, as you will read…

  • #CharityTuesday - Cameron Collington

    One of our newest Trustees, Rev Cameron Collington of St Simon’s Church in London, shares his understanding of the place of Israel, and the importance of supporting a ministry like CMJ for #CharityTuesday

  • #CharityTuesday - Ray Lockhart

    We would like to introduce you to Ray Lockhart, who shares his amazing story of serving with CMJ in both Israel and the UK.

  • Urgent Prayer Request

    This morning we have received emergency request from our staff in Jerusalem regarding the current wave of terror activity sweeping through Jerusalem.

  • Janey's Sabbatical - Part One

    A bit of a blog! Israel Oct 5th 2015

  • Resources

    CMJ UK has a range of resources which is available for you to buy. We are actually in the process of building our online shop for your convenience, which will show-off some of the excellent titles we have. In the meantime, let us showcase a small range of resources you may be interested in.

  • #CharityTuesday - Liz Woods

    Every Tuesday on Social Media, there is an opportunity for charities to raise awareness about the work they do, or for individuals to share information about the charities they support. Why not help share the ministry of CMJ by tweeting or Facebooking your own "praise report" about what we are up to, using #CharityTuesday?

    In the meantime, here is what one of our Trustees, Liz Woods, had to say.