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  • Prayer Reflection

    Alex Jacob reflects on the importance of the emergency recall to pray for Jerusalem on Tuesday 1st September, which has been issued by Anne Graham-Lotz.

  • Kesher Course on Isle of Wight

    Interested in finding our more about the Hebrew Roots of our faith? Why not consider participating in a Kesher Course.

  • Success of the Youth Conference

    The First ever CMJ Big House youth conference was held alongside the CMJ Annual Conference and was a great success from which we can grow and develop this new event.

  • 9 1 1 Recall Prayer

    CMJ UK is in full support of Anne Graham-Lotz’s emergency call to pray for Jerusalem on Tuesday 1st September, 2015.

  • What Is CMJ And Why Should I Care?

    What is the ministry of CMJ, what does CMJ even mean, and why should it matter to me???