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  • CMJ Big House: Rugby Christian Fellowship

    CMJ Big House were also at Rugby Christian Fellowship!

  • Deputation: Rugby Christian Fellowship

    On Sunday 31st May, Paul Hames was invited to speak at Rugby Christian Fellowship.

  • Partnering with CMJ Ireland

    On Saturday 30th May, Janey was invited to speak at the CMJ Ireland spring meeting.

  • Partnering with CFI in Israel

    Jacki Turnbull, as our office manager, is always receiving interesting news and updates from supporters and friends of CMJ.

  • Thinking Aloud: Search for Christian Unity

    C.S Lewis wrote, “It was never more needed. A United Christendom should be the answer to the new Paganism”.

  • Filming Jewish Life

    Jane Moxon has arranged to film some short introductory clips about Jewish life and customs with Kids worker, Olly Goldenberg.

  • Staff Retreat Day

    On Thursday 21st May, the CMJ UK team met away from the offices for our annual retreat day.

  • Thinking Aloud: Street Outreach

    In thinking about the street outreach (and other forms of evangelism) I’m involved in, I often feel rather uncomfortable. For, despite the best efforts of all involved, our outreach can have the appearance of being somewhat confrontational with the potential for misunderstanding.

  • On the Road: Elim100 Celebration

    To finish off their three-day exhibition among the Elim Church Leader at the Elim 100 celebration in Harrogate, Paul Janey and Steph decided to draw in the crowds with the pull of an exclusive book signing event on Friday 14th May.

  • Lance Lambert

    Remembering Lance Lambert.

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