Steph Gutmann

Steph Gutmann

Youth Coordinator / Social Media developer

Steph is a Geordie, though to listen to her you wouldn’t know it! She was born in Hexham, just west of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in 1977 to a half-Jewish father and fully-English mother. Her parents are both Christian, so Steph was basically born, breathed and was raised in the Church – especially since her dad went on to become a Baptist Minister.

This provided Steph with a good foundation for understanding the Bible, and when she was eight years old, Steph asked Jesus to be her friend. As a teenager, she became interested in the Contemporary Christian Music scene, organising Christian events in her local school, with the support of her YFC Leader. Steph started to try to write a Christian Music magazine, producing one issue before she went to University to study Psychology and Creative Writing.

Steph has worked in a Christian employment for the majority of her working life, and always knew she was called to work for a Christian organisation. In her twenties, as a result of listening to discussions between her father and one of her brothers about their family history, Steph started to develop an understanding of her Jewish heritage, through her German-Jewish Grandfather. Sadly she never knew him as he passed away when her dad was a mere boy of six. This interest in her Jewish heritage led to a desire to understand the Jewish Roots of her Christian faith, and a deeper awareness of the importance of Jewish People today.

Each of Steph’s early interests remained with her into adulthood, and she is passionate about writing, educating the Church through Bible studies and Worship. In her spare time, Steph writes – a lot! In 2012, her first book was published, Ready or Not – He is Coming looking at the Jewish traditions for marriage in relation to Jesus’ teaching on His return. Since then she is working on a follow-up book, a novel, a series of short stories and various articles and blog posts in between!

She is also very… VERY passionate about the colour pink…! It often creeps into some of the designs she has produced for CMJ over the years – just so you know who to blame!

Posts written by Steph Gutmann

  • #CharityTuesday - Rosemary Saunders

    A rouge attitude in her heart, was challenged by the Lord as soon as she spoke it out; but as God revealed His love for His people it led to our Vice Chair, Rosemary Saunders, finding a deep-felt love for the people she once dismissed, in this week’s #CharityTuesday reflection.

  • #tbt - Prisoner of Jesus Christ

    CMJ’s Vice President, Canon Andrew White is well known for his ministry as "The Vicar of Baghdad". CMJ began our missionin Baghdad back in the 19th Century, with one of our early missionaries being Aaron Stern. Find out more about the Prisoner of Jesus this #ThrowbackThursday

  • CMJ President at Christ Church, Jerusalem

    Had you been at Christ Church, Jerusalem, on All Saints Day, you would have been honoured to have seen a special guest among the congregation.

  • #CharityTuesday - Martin Kuhrt

    This week, the second of our newest Trustees reflects on how God led him to an understanding of His love for the Jewish people, and the role he has in sharing the Biblical truth

  • #tbt - Helping Jewish Children in 1809

    Every Thursday, social media is alive with memories and historical accounts as people reflect back on their personal pasts, or more long term.

    It is fascinating the wealth of history available to CMJ through our archives and records, that we thought we would share some of our past successes and challenges. So grab a drink and enjoy this week’s #tbt

  • CharityTuesday - Ralph Goldenberg

    Let us introduce you to one of our Trustees, Ralph Goldenberg. As a Jewish Believer in Jesus, Ralph is passionate about the ministry of CMJ, as you will read…

  • #CharityTuesday - Cameron Collington

    One of our newest Trustees, Rev Cameron Collington of St Simon’s Church in London, shares his understanding of the place of Israel, and the importance of supporting a ministry like CMJ for #CharityTuesday

  • #CharityTuesday - Ray Lockhart

    We would like to introduce you to Ray Lockhart, who shares his amazing story of serving with CMJ in both Israel and the UK.

  • Urgent Prayer Request

    This morning we have received emergency request from our staff in Jerusalem regarding the current wave of terror activity sweeping through Jerusalem.

  • Resources

    CMJ UK has a range of resources which is available for you to buy. We are actually in the process of building our online shop for your convenience, which will show-off some of the excellent titles we have. In the meantime, let us showcase a small range of resources you may be interested in.

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