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  • 3 Cities, 1 Message

    As we look back at 2017 and 2018 The Bible Comes To Life Exhibition seems to have gathered a momentum that is unstoppable!

  • Dead Sea Comes to Life!

    Ancient prophecy fulfilled as freshwater fish are found in surrounding sinkholes

  • Light in the Darkness

    No-one holds a candle to our Lord Jesus, who brought light and life to all who believe

  • Sign of the Times

    The Church is in danger of not recognising God’s hand in Israel’s restoration

  • Motorcycle Encounter

    Israel is both God’s ‘treasured possession’ and the church’s richest resource

  • BCTL in Isle of Wight - October 2018

    We were privileged to be part of the BCTL team invited by St Paul’s church in Newport on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

  • Investing in Israel

    Windfall used to aid God’s great plan for the Jewish people

  • Millennials Told Media Lies

    ‘There is no occupation,’ Arab pastor tells shocked young tourists.

  • The Battle of Britain

    Though fighting on our knees is essential, passion for the gospel must be our motive for conducting spiritual warfare.

  • Bucket-loads of Blessings

    Revisiting the Welsh Revival during a conference at the Bible College of Wales – Part II.

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