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  • David Pileggi on the recent surge of anti-Semitism

    David Pileggi, the rector of Christ Church Jerusalem, considers how the Western World has influenced Islamic society.

  • Divine Symmetry

    Paul Hames looks at the symmetry of Shavuot and Pentecost

  • Spring Fair 2019

    The 10th annual Spring Fair at Christ Church, Jerusalem this year was a resounding success!

  • Birthday Celebrations

    Sharing in the joy of Jesus, the Jews and John Wesley
    By Charles Gardner

  • Our Debt to Israel

    Christians called to support Jews in every way they can By Charles Gardner

  • Captives Released

    Burqa-clad woman tells of her new-found freedom
    By Charles Gardner

  • An Unforgettable Journey

    Primary pupils awestruck by popular Easter project

  • A Ray of Light! Introducing the new CMJ UK President

    We welcome Ray Lockhart as the new CMJ UK President, read his story below.

  • Wayne & Anne Hilsden – getting to know them

    Getting to know our speaker for Conference 2019

  • Update from our London CBE

    Loneliness is said to be the emotional plague of our times. A number of my contacts talk about suffering from loneliness. Here are a few of their stories.

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