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  • BCTL in Enniskillen - March 2018

    Paul and Janey took The Bible Comes to Life over to Enniskillen in Ireland.

  • A Jew for Jesus!

    Lightning fails to strike on visit to church. By Charles Gardner

  • Preaching Resource available

    Book Rev Alex Jacob (CEO CMJ UK) to speak at your church

  • Ideal resource for Lent groups and Bible study material

    CMJ is offering a free 4 session DVD based teaching course on how to do evangelism effectively.

  • Jacki Turnbull

  • NEW CMJ BOOK - Get your copies today!

    This week has seen the publication of a new CMJ book by Alex Jacob.

  • The Death of Dr Michael Eldridge

    It was with sadness that the CMJ team heard this week of the death of Dr Michael Eldridge. Michael was a faithful Christian and a loyal supporter of CMJ.

  • Gospel to the Gentiles

    How a hot seaside property unlocked the door to the nations. By Charles Gardner

  • The Return Journey by Lord Allenby

    On 24th October 2017 a Shoresh Tour group of British and Australian Christians led by Paul and Janey Hames joined with Kelvin Crombie’s Australian Light Horse Association tour group for an event commemorating both the centenary of the Balfour Declaration and the commencement of British Mandate rule in Palestine.

  • Balfour 100 Celebration

    An audience of almost 4,000 came together on 7th November 2017 at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

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