The Bible Comes to Life

Since 1891

The Bible Comes to Life is a touring exhibition that uses unique exhibition materials to teach people about living the Biblical life and gives the opportunity to experience fascinating artefacts that illustrate the foundations of our Jewish and Christian faiths.

We were interviewed by BBC Three Counties Radio about a recent exhibition in St Alban's. Listen to hear all about what you can expect from a Bible Comes to Life exhibition.

Keeping the vision… retelling the story for each generation.

Samuel Schor

Samuel Schor was born in Jerusalem to a Jewish couple who became followers of Jesus at CMJ’s Christ Church Centre. Samuel came to England to train as a Vicar. As a new curate in Felixtowe he realised that the life and culture of the Bible was alien to British Christians. He gathered a collection of artefacts that he could use as teaching tools and wrote several books.

The Exhibition went mobile in 1891 and in 9 days in 1910 over 300,000 people visited the exhibition in London.

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Bible and Jesus centred teaching was illustrated by showing Torah (Bible) scrolls, Middle Eastern clothes, models of the Tabernacle and Temple and items of Biblical religious and daily life. People could see, touch and smell the world of the Bible.

Keeping the vision… retelling the story for each generation.

Keeping the vision… retelling the story for each generation.

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Come and meet Bible characters, hear them tell their stories and see how the Bible Comes To Life!

The Bible Comes To Life exhibition has been described as “fun, educational, unique, surprising, interesting, and smelly (we burn frankincense!)” and that is just by the children!

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