Autumn Appeal 2023

Thank you for donating to the CMJ UK Autumn Appeal 2023

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2023 began with expectant hearts: What would God be doing with us and through us this year?  Our prayer then, and still remains, that many blessings would flow from the work of our hands.

We are now over half-way through the year and some amazing opportunities have opened up. We have journeyed in faith into many new aspects of ministry, and we share some of these with you below.

Your prayers for our Community Based Evangelists have a major impact on our work. Oliver connected with a Jewish couple as he travelled home on the train. Through his witness to them about their Jewish Messiah, their eyes were opened! Oliver continues have regular online Bible Studies with them. 

Conference 2023 drew in over 60 new folk. God’s blessings were evident in so many different ways but the highlight was the member of the RADIX Youth Conference whose young life was so impacted when he came to faith in Jesus. In his own words:

“I didn’t really know what to expect from a ‘Christian’ thing, but as I saw everyone engage with the talks and the music, I was blown away by it all. I hadn’t really thought too much about Jesus wanting to be in a relationship with me personally until Bob shared his story, and asked me if I wanted to know Jesus, and I knew I wanted to!  This weekend has been transformational for me, and I can’t wait to get to know Jesus more.”

We have continued to share CMJ UK with many at teaching events and the highlight this year was the three weeks at Keswick Convention. We were so encouraged by the many supporters who looked us up as well as those interested to hear for the first time about the work of CMJ. The connections made have generated lots of new opportunities to share CMJ UK with individuals and churches. We were a team that crossed many boundaries as we joined together with Pedro and Annu, Trustees and a Messianic believer, to unite in delivering a presence that was impactful and well-received. This was evidenced by the regular queue of shofar-blowers (children and adults!) waiting to sound the trumpet at our stand! Pedro says:

“It has been a fantastic experience sharing with so many people.”

By the time you receive this letter we will just have returned from our Scotland Conference weekend. The desire to share the roots of the Christian faith with friends and family is one of the blessings that come from a trip to Israel. This is how the conference came about. We consider it a privilege to walk alongside CMJ Israel and 1/3rd of donations to our Autumn Appeal goes to CMJ Israel to ensure their work can continue. This year we celebrate CMJ’s presence in the Land for 200 years. God’s blessing on the work in this way is confirmation that our ministry must continue to develop and grow as He calls us to fulfil Romans 1:16.

You will have seen the great resource Oliver generated for Days of Awe, the online events for Yom Kippur and the Jewish Engagement Training resource produced this year. Your giving to this vital work has proved to be a great blessing to many. We look forward to Oliver developing his Engagement role in the months ahead.

The final few months of the year are set to see more changes. Aaron Eime will be joining us as our new General Director. Dan Boot will take over the reins of The Bible Comes to Life, including Jamal (our stuffed camel) and all the other artifacts that make up this fantastic exhibition. Our CBEs will continue to reach out with the message of the Jewish Messiah. Passovers, deputations, lectures and webinars will continue to inform and encourage exploration of the Hebrew scriptures. And all this costs, of course, in time – to pray, to seek the Lord’s will. It costs in effort, to carry out the plans we believe the Lord has for us. It takes finance to fund those plans. 

The ministry of CMJ UK is a team effort, made up of staff, volunteers, trustees and you, our supporters. We will go on a journey this coming year, as in every year, into the promised land of God’s blessings. These blessings need to be watered most importantly with your prayers, but also nurtured in whatever financial support you can share with us, to launch CMJ UK into 2024 with praise to our God and obedience to His call.

Many of you give regularly, generously, and sacrificially to the work year after year in both prayer and finance, and we are so grateful for your commitment to the work.   Without this, CMJ UK would not be able to fulfil its ministry and calling. Would you prayerfully consider increasing your support, either through increasing your regular donation or perhaps by a single gift? Together, we can propel this vital mission to the next level, extending the reach of the roots of the Christian faith, transforming lives for the Kingdom.

As our new General Director takes the helm lets show our support for the work ahead by our prayers and giving as he takes us forward in our ministry.

With every blessing in our Messiah Yeshua,


Wendy Scott
Chair of Trustees

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