Part of our work inevitably leads to questions about Israel and how the media reports on events that take place there. This often falls under the education aspect of our Three E’s as we teach the church, and wider society about Israel and the Bible.

The aim of these pages is to inform, equip and enable Israel’s Christian friends. Those who pray for Israel may find their prayers better informed and focused; you may want to engage in the public conversation about Israel and antisemitism or refute bias or inaccuracy in media reportage on the conflict.

Many of Israel’s Christian friends identify with Scriptural passages about the ‘Watchmen on the Walls’ and this series of articles is about doing just that.

Why advocate for Israel?

From Israel’s 1948 war of Independence until after the 6-Day War of 1967 the world largely saw Israel’s struggle for survival as David to the Arab world’s Goliath. All that changed after 1967, largely due to the success of Yasser Arafat in changing the world’s perception of the conflict by promoting the ‘Palestinian narrative’.

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Debunking myths about Israel

Israel’s opponents work hard to frame Israel’s creation as an injustice committed against Palestinians and her conduct as aggressive and repressive. Let’s look at some of the myths propagated by Israel’s opponents and some responses to them.

Learn truths about some common myths around Israel

Bible-believers & Israel

Bible believing Christians have supported and prayed for the modern State of Israel since before its inception in 1948. Many see the prophetic theme of the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland as having its fulfilment in modern-day Israel as Jews make Aliyah from across the world, joining Jewish communities who have lived continuously in the Land for thousands of years.

Find out more about why advocating for Israel is needed