We have a dedicated staff team at CMJ UK who work alongside a team of volunteers to help bring the good news of Messiah to the Jewish population here in the UK. With a mixture of staff working from the CMJ UK office, making visits across the UK, or in Jewish communities, they all play a vital role in carrying out the mandate we believe God has given us.

Janey Hames


I have a fairly ‘colourful’ background and won’t go into detail but this period ended on the best night of my life, Friday 13th April 1979 when I finally surrendered to God calling me into relationship with Him. I’d started smoking when I was seven years old and by this time was on 40 + a day! But that night God miraculously took away the addiction completely. This had a major effect on me and almost overnight I became one of those ‘in your face’ new believers who tries to save everyone from hell! I regularly went out with the pastor of my new church to preach and testify in the town centre. A number of my colleagues at the Inland Revenue where I worked came to faith in Jesus including my boss and his wife who later went on to be missionaries in the Arab Emirates.

From my youngest age I remember always being told that Jewish people were special to God and that we should respect them, so I did, but never really understood why. I later discovered that my aunt spent most of her life living and working with Messianic Jews in Leicestershire. I recently found an old biscuit tin in my mum’s attic with records of my aunt’s financial giving to CMJ and Messianic Testimony! She had prayed ardently for her family to be ‘saved’ and we were praise God!

I first met Paul when he came to work in my office and I was asked to oversee him during his first weeks. As we began getting closer I told Paul that if he wanted to see me it would have to be in church… the rest, as they say, is history! Despite being told by professionals that neither of us could have children Paul and I clung to the promises we believed God had made to us that we’d be parents. After four years Daniel was born followed by Rachel and then Leah. “He makes the barren woman to keep house and be a joyful mother of children.” Psalm 113 v 9. And “Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.“ Psalm 128 v 3.

I’ve had a variety of jobs including, petrol pump attendant (you don’t get that service anymore!) supermarket work which I loved, managing a hostel for homeless mothers and babies, managing a drop-in centre for street people, a busy pastor’s wife, church youth group leader and lots of other stuff in between!

In 2005 ‘coincidentally’ both Paul and I were made redundant in the same week and realized that God had something special for us to do. That special something was to follow a call to Jerusalem and manage the guest house and compound at Christ Church. We completed five years working alongside wonderful Jewish, Arab and international brothers and sisters. We saw many people choose to follow Jesus during that time. Now the adventure continues in the UK! We have fantastic colleagues and there’s a real sense of the ‘CMJ family’ that’s part of our strap line. Paul and I love working together in this ministry - he’s the clever one and I’m practical so it works well!

Janey Hames