We have a dedicated staff team at CMJ UK who work alongside a team of volunteers to help bring the good news of Messiah to the Jewish population here in the UK. With a mixture of staff working from the CMJ UK office, making visits across the UK, or in Jewish communities, they all play a vital role in carrying out the mandate we believe God has given us.

Jane Moxon

Head of Development

After Grammar School, Jane attended a school of Speech and Drama or Screech and Trauma as she describes it. After this she was asked to become Head of RE in a Comprehensive School. A job she loved.

Later, Jane immersed herself in Church work, leading worship, preaching, and helping to devise a new morning service.

She has worked for CMJ since 2008 and loves her job which is full of variety and opportunities to teach Bible Truths about God’s Covenant with the Jewish people. She has visited Israel well over 20 times and loves the Land and the people. She thinks it is mandatory for Believers in Jesus to visit the Land where He lived and to see things through His Jewish perspective.

Jane says there was never a shred of anti-Semitism in her home and some of her early Christian influences came from people like author of The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom.

Jane is 5 parts English 2 parts Lithuanian and 1 part Irish, so Jane says that makes her “an extremely polite, optimistic melancholic, with the gift of the gab”!

Jane Moxon