At CMJ UK, we believe the mandate God has given to us is to be a witness to the Jewish People about the Jewish Messiah, and to educate the Church on the Jewish roots of her faith and understanding that God hasn’t finished with Israel. We also believe that God is doing a restorative work between His people, as through Yeshua the dividing walls between us are being broken down.

This means we need to encourage Churches in the heart of Britain’s Jewish areas!

The Jewish Evangelism Training Course is a training programme CMJ UK has created with the view to encouraging and inspiring Churches – especially those who are right in the heart of the Jewish Community. One of the things our founding fathers realised back in 1805 was that many Christians were “not aware of the cultural distinctiveness of Jewish people, nor of the specialist support Jewish people need after coming to faith in Yeshua the Messiah, especially those who are rejected by their own community.”

The course can either be DVD-based, with group discussion following a viewing of each of the sessions, or you can invite a member of the CMJ team to come and speak with you directly about the sensitivities surrounding Jewish Evangelism and encouragement.

Please email: for more information about The Jewish Evangelism Training Course.

This means we need to have more feet on the ground among the Jewish people we want to reach!

Community-Based Evangelists are people who work alongside CMJ UK right where they are. They may be part-time ministers, work part-time, a student or someone who has a spare day which they want to use for Kingdom purposes, and are passionate about Jewish People coming to faith. We are all called to evangelise, but it takes an evangelist to see the future through God’s eyes!

This works well especially after a Church has completed The Jewish Evangelism Training Course, who then want to practically implement the teaching and training it has received. Let us work with you in reaching out to the harvest field around your Church.

Please contact Alex on: for more information on connecting a potential CBE with CMJ UK.

This means we have to reach out to the next generation!

CMJ Big House is the Youth and Young Adult ministry currently looking to build relationships with youth leaders and youth groups as we seek to inspire the next generation with God’s love and passion for the Jewish People.

We would love to look at developing a relationship with any youth leaders out there who may be interested in knowing more about what we can offer you, including Youth Passovers, special events, mission training and experience in North London AND Israel… and our very own YOUTH CONFERENCE (complete with excellent teaching, worship and a water fight!)

For information on CMJ Big House, please email the office and let us take you for a free coffee!

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