CMJ UK is lead by a Board of Trustees made up of people from across the UK who share a heart to bring the good news of Messiah to the Jewish People.

Board of Trustees
  • Chair: Wendy Scott
  • Vice-Chair: Rev Ralph Goldenberg
  • Treasurer: Rev Canon Phil Harris
  • Israel Board Representative: Robin Aldridge
  • Rev Cameron Collington
  • John Brooks
  • Rev Alex Jacob
  • Rosa Blandford
  • Alison Marchant
  • Liz Woods
  • Joy Sims
  • Rufus Barnes
Patrons and Presidents
  • Patron: Bishop David Evan
  • President: Rev Ray Lockhart
  • Vice Presidents: Bishop Henry Scriven, Canon Andrew White, Martin Goldsmith

Back Row (from left to right): Rev Cameron Collington, John Brooks, Rev Ralph Goldenberg, Rev Canon Phil Harris, Robin Aldridge, Rev Alex Jacob, Rosa Blandford.
Front Row (from left to right): Alison Marchant, Debbie Rodgers, Wendy Scott, Liz Woods, Joy Sims.