We have a dedicated staff team at CMJ UK who work alongside a team of volunteers to help bring the good news of Messiah to the Jewish population here in the UK. With a mixture of staff working from the CMJ UK office, making visits across the UK, or in Jewish communities, they all play a vital role in carrying out the mandate we believe God has given us.

Alex Jacob

CEO & Director of Advocacy

Alex was born in London in 1961 and grew up mainly in Worcestershire and Sussex. He became a Christian in his early teenage years. Following on from this, a call to Christian ministry developed. This call was tested and Alex began training for ordination as a Minister of word and sacrament within the United Reformed Church.

After training at Northern College and Manchester University, he was ordained in 1985 and began his first ministry in a pastorate based in Lichfield. From 1985 to 2006, Alex was also active within the Group for Evangelism and Renewal (GEAR) within the United Reformed Church. In 2006, Alex was appointed as a Director of The Churches Ministry among Jewish People (CMJ), before becoming CMJ’s CEO in July 2011. Within his current role he has specific responsibilities for Advocacy and Evangelism. Alex has a well-respected teaching and pastoral ministry and has been actively involved within the field of Jewish-Christian relations for many years. He holds certificates in Theology and Biblical Studies from Manchester University, an MA degree in Pastoral Theology from Cambridge Theological Federation / Anglia Ruskin University, and an MPhil research degree from Nottingham University.

His research interests focus upon the Jewish roots of the Christian Faith, the emergence of the contemporary Messianic Jewish movement and Pauline theology especially Paul’s teaching in Romans 9-11. His research studies have been published by Glory to Glory Publications, entitled, The Case for Enlargement Theology and is available through CMJ. In addition, Alex has also published five other books, Receive the Truth! (2011), Prepare the Way! (2014), Walking an Ancient Path (2016), 100 Days with Luke (2018) and 100 Days with Acts (2019) all of which are available through the CMJ shop. He also regularly has articles published in key theological journals, and edits the CMJ quarterly Olive Press Research Paper.

Alex lives in Cambridgeshire and is married to Mandy, and they have three grown-up children - Luke, Emily, and Ben.  His wider interests include travel, films, music (Dylan, blues, th’ parish, etc.), playing hockey, golf, chess, supporting Cambridge United FC, and eating Indian food (but not all at the same time).

Alex Jacob