Conference 2022 - Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go if I have any questions about Conference? 
There are two CMJ Reception Desks open most of the time at Conference – one in the main atrium downstairs and one on the Mezzanine Balcony where refreshments are served. You can also ask any staff member (wearing a yellow badge) or any Trustee (wearing a blue badge).

What do I do if I feel unwell?
Please go immediately to a CMJ Reception Desk. Help and support will be provided. There is a quiet area available in Syndicate Room D on the first floor.

What time do I have to check out of my room?  
Yarnfield requests that guests vacate their rooms by 10:00am on the day of departure.  There will be storage facilities for luggage in the Atrium. Please ask at one of the CMJ Reception Desks if you need assistance to bring your luggage from your room.

What time does the Conference finish?  
The final event will end at 1:30pm, and will be followed by lunch.
The Bookshop & CMJ Information Point will be open 2:15-3:00pm.

Where do I go if I have lost or found property?  
The CMJ Reception Desks should be open during most of the event. 
If no-one is there, ask at the Yarnfield Reception Desk.

Where is the Bookshop located? 
In the atrium of the main building.

What times will the Bookshop, Israel Products and CMJ Information Point &  BCTL be open?  
See the notice on page 7.

Where do I book for next year’s Conference?  
At the CMJ Reception Desks in the Atrium or in the refreshment area on the Mezzanine Balcony.

Where can I order recordings of this year’s main sessions and workshops?  
At either of the CMJ Reception Desks. 

What are the Communion arrangements? 
We will be using wafers and wine, dipping wafers into the wine.

How do I return my room key card?  
There is a box in the entrance to each accommodation block to return the cards.  
If you forget please return to either of the CMJ Reception Desks or the Yarnfield Reception Desk.

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