CMJ Partners

We are a part of the worldwide family of CMJ. To contact our partners please use the following information:

CMJ Israel:

Dr Don Stanley
P.O. Box 191
91001 Jerusalem
Phone: 972 (0)2 627-7730
Fax: 972 (0)2 538-5495
E-mail:    Website:





CMJ Ireland:

Ireland: Dr Kris Baraniuk
Phone: +44 (0) 774 050 9237


Theresa Newell
PO Box 334
Sewickley, PA 15143
Phone: 1 412-741-7498

CMJ South Africa (Messiah's People):

The Rev John Atkinson
P.O. Box 27465
Rhine Road 8050
South Africa
Phone: 27 21 671 6134
Fax: 27 21 797 6180

Fieldworker: Edith Sher
Phone: 27 21 4394292


CMJ Australia:

Mr Martin Weatherstone
P.O.BOX 349
Geraldton 6531
West Australia

CMJ UK directly supports the following ministry centres in Israel:

Christ Church Ministry Centre is located in the Old City of Jerusalem and hosts: a heritage centre that welcomes 10,000 Jewish visitors each year, several congregations including a Messianic kehilah, Alexander College and the Conrad Schick library, Shoresh Study tours, a bookshop and a coffee bar and a guest house.

Beit Bracha Ministry Centre is situated in Migdal overlooking the Sea of Galilee. This 'house of blessing' welcomes local people and those from around the world who wish to pray and receive ministry. There is a heritage centre and guest accommodation. It has a powerful ministry of reconciliation and outreach to the local community.

Beit Immanuel Ministry Centre is in Jaffa, near Tel Aviv. It is run by a Messianic Fellowship that reaches out to Jews and Arabs, has an arts school, a guest house, a heritage centre and a coffee bar in the beautiful Baron's garden.

Anglican International School, Jerusalem is located in West Jerusalem. As well as providing an excellent education to children from Jerusalem and around the world from 3-18, the school also supports 3 Messianic schools and works with congregations interested in having their own school. Jewish and Palestinian children learn together in a Christian ethos.